There are so many things a man just can’t do
It’s so easy for him to start feeling blue
It’s hard finding out what’s false and what’s true 
Things that make you sad give you your first clue.

If a man doesn’t want you to dry his eyes
Then you’ll know he’s found something that satisfies 
What counts in the end is that which survives
What counts is whether love grows or love dies.

Some days are made up of nothing but rain 
And you wonder if you’ll ever see the sun again 
After a time you start accepting the pain
It’s just a way of washing away all those stains.

There are some things that can grow on you 
And after some time you just want to stay blue 
Old ideas must die to give birth to the new 
Tears play the role played by the morning dew.

The best things in life are those you can’t buy
The best are those feelings you get when you cry 
That’s when you get to asking questions like ‘why’ 
That’s when you try to help another man get by.

Appearances are so misleading you need something more 
If you’ve had the experience you’ll know the score
When you’ve been through the mill you’ll find the door 
That lets you open your heart to another’s sorrow.

And after all the tears you’re never quite the same
Sometimes you’re dry, sometimes you burn with a pure flame 
Sometimes you point your finger and cast the blame 
Sometimes you forgive or you learn to live with shame.