Faith, Hope, Mercy

The peak-top scene 
Of our descent 
Yet means
Has been,
Too, of ascent: 
Long thus was seen — 
God-sent Present —

Still, as to flocks 
Of pilgrims gone, 
In block
Of rock:
By Adam done 
In his fall’s shock:
To mourn, Atone

Having eaten 
Forbidden fruit; 
From then 
Ne’er more his foot 
To know Eden, 
Here put,
En route

To earth’s exile, 
Mark of his fall: 
In style 
Would, while 
World spins, recall 
Wages sins pile — 
Crystal — 
To all —

Faint, yet faith — such 
Outcast’s sole show 
Though — much 
Did touch
God: to bestow
A crutch to clutch: 
For sore, Lame, low —

Inch, foot-print’s gain — 
Merit; in’ts place 
A plain
Way to His grace:
A path past pain 
Man’s race
May trace —

Pow’r will’d impeach 
Steal stays benign — 
To teach 
Who’ll reach
Site of foot’s sign; 
Spares who’ll beseech 
At shrine , 

Mercy sublime — 
That’s to all ope — 
No crime 
Too prime
To gain its scope: 
If one in time 
Climbs slope 
With hope.